Geraldine Phifer Founder of Americas Taken Children Scam Defamed John Anderson for Exposing Her.

Looks like John Anderson should show these in court on July 22 2019. We have a ton more. Even screen shots and screen recording of the secret group. John Anderson … Read More

Attention Claimed Pedo Busters!!!

#Predator_Hunters_Beware Attention Claimed Predator Hunters!!! You are educating pedophiles on what not to do & scaring them into eliminating any possible evidence in their home, car etc that could send … Read More

STOLEN.NEWS Created by Exposed Angry Pedophile & His Friend Mark W Mumma

Did you know. is made by a pedophile Stolen Productions exposed in 2009 named #John_Aster and his close friend #Mark_Mumma. Do research and hear John Aster himself admitting to … Read More

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