The Real Tony aka Steven Blas

      Tony Blas aka Steven Blas contacts John Anderson’s wife making many threats and verbally assaulting her about her husband John Anderson who exposed Tony as a fake … Read More

Team Loyalty Working With Pedophile John Aster.

Mark Mumma & his convicted Paedophile friend John Aster who openly admits to pleading guilty to over 15000 images of child porn are now working with Team Loyalty. John Asters … Read More

Another Friend of Convicted Paedophile John Aster Arrested For Sexual Offences.

Just a warning to all friends and supporters. AXJ is created by a pedophile named John Aster. Another news video that exposes one of his members and sentenced to 18 … Read More

Attention Claimed Pedo Busters!!!

#Predator_Hunters_Beware Attention Claimed Predator Hunters!!! You are educating pedophiles on what not to do & scaring them into eliminating any possible evidence in their home, car etc that could send … Read More

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