Oklahoma Terrorist Mark W Mumma via The Daily Haze

We already know who Mark W Mumma is, we all remember his recorded threats to John Anderson to bomb Canadian politicians and set up John Anderson to take the fall. … Read More

Actor John Anderson Interviews BUACA President Pete Geary About Pedophile John Aster

John Aster is connected to: Mark W Mumma aka Webguy.com Francesca Amatto Banfield aka Punished 4 Protecting Tony Blas aka Team Loyalty Makes You Family. Geraldine Phifer aka Americas Taken … Read More

The John Anderson V.s Francesca Banfield Rap Song

This song is written and composed by Tinlock on behalf of actor John Anderson and the attacks by the frauds and pedophiles he has exposed over the past 10 years. … Read More

Mark W Mumma Threatens To Bomb Politicians & Set Up John Anderson To Take The Fall.

This is the ultimate video where John Anderson exposes Mark W Mumma. Mark calls John Anderson and makes threats to bomb politicians and set up John Anderson to take the … Read More

Markie’s Proof Of Obsession For John Anderson Continues.

Scammer Mark W Mumma is again making videos proving his deep obsession for John Anderson. John Anderson exposed Mark Mumma for his scam as webguy.com and AmericasTakenchildren as being in … Read More

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