Statement: Emal Dastou, Sexual Predator (Warning 18+)

Statement: Emal Dastou, Sexual Predator (Warning 18+)

2018-03-22 John Anderson 0 The Stolen Anti Corruption Show

September 2017- John Anderson, Host and founder of S.T.O.L.E.N, Makes a formal statement against his sexual abuser after over 25 years of trying last time.

After John Anderson tried to convict Emal Dastou of child molestation when John was around 13 years of age, for the sexual abuse when John was 5 years old, A second boy came forward.

The second boy who came forward got Emal a 5 year sentence. The courts neglected to notify John Anderson, informing mr Anderson that they can now re trial Emal. Years have now passed and John Anderson seeks justice, also to use this chance to document everything about this case and expose it detail by detail. "A hope of encouraging other survivors to speak out against the rapid growing number of sexual offenders that risk our children and families daily", says John Anderson. Also commenting, "I wish to make a video of me confronting Emal for the sexual abuse he has done, for killing my life", Adding, "My life would have been more different, yet he ruined it, when he the first time he molested me is when my innocence flew out the damn window, We all need to stand up against these demons and if we done, where does that leave our future?".

This is the full detailed statement against Emal Dastou from Grimshaw Alberta Canada. With 2 other brother that know about the sexual abuse and refused to say anything. Risking more children such as the second child to be molested by Emal Dastou.

There is more talk that it is a highly and strong possibility that there are more than 30 to 50 victims if not more in the past years. Finding them all and encouraging them to speak will indeed be a challenge. Yet, That challenge is what drives John Anderson into finding his sexual abuser and getting the justice he has longed to deserve for years on end.

Find out more about this case and many others by joining www.stolen.club.


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