Special Guest Rosie Explains The Franny Facts

Special Guest Rosie Explains The Franny Facts

2018-03-31 John Anderson 0 The Stolen Anti Corruption Show

Francesca Banfield & her exposed fraud organization are not only exposed but exposed by many people on such a high level. Fraud, Lies, Abuse, Child Abuse, Hate & Cyber Crimes, The long list of insanity continues and soon Francesca will be seeing the walls of a jail cell very quick. This guest, Rosie has in dept first hand information about the Francesca Fraud Club as well as in dept personal information as well as proven fact about this so called Advocate who is nothing more that a lying fraud and nothing more. Rosie is also a victim of cyber bullying and other attacks by Francesca Banfield/Punnished 4 Protecting (SCAM)

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