Rant #1, Host John Anderson Seeking To Find His Sexual Abuser. WARNING, 18+

Rant #1, Host John Anderson Seeking To Find His Sexual Abuser. WARNING, 18+

2018-03-22 John Anderson 0 The Stolen Anti Corruption Show

Host John Anderson is seeking to find Emil Dastou from Grimshaw Alberta. John Anderson tried to convict Emil over 30 years ago with no success. Now since there has been other victims who have come forward, John Anderson seeks to try another attempt at charging and convicting Emil Dastou for sexual abuse when John Anderson was only about 5 years old.

Over 15 years ago Emil Dastou was convicted for repeated sexual abuse to another local to Grimshaw Alberta. The end result of that second case was a small success, slapping Emil with a 5 years sentence for his crimes against the second innocent child who came forward.

With that information and sentence, the local justice system, the local RCMP as well as the 2 brothers & 1 sister of Emil Dastou, all local to the Grimshaw area, neglected to inform the local community about the Conviction of sex offender Emil Dastou. Quietness for years that resulted in more than just 2 children being sexually abused for years on end.

The hush hush community even removed a warning post about the local Sex Offender, with the lame excuse that it was not propper for the group. Totally eliminating any success in warning the local community members in that area who are also members within that Facebook group.

Keep watch as step by step founder and host of S.T.O.L.E.N ANTI CORRUPTION TALK SHOW strives to succeed in getting justice for the sexual abuse done years ago as an innocent 5 year old child. Join in arms together as John Anderson means to use this series of shows and moments to encourage other survivors to confront these evil demons, with just as much strength that he is proving, anyone can have within themselves.

Thanks fans for the support in the NEW show and do please support more by subscribing and sharing all our shows and videos. So much more to come!!!!!!!!


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