Mother Has Daughter Stolen, Then Sold To Adoptees.

Mother Has Daughter Stolen, Then Sold To Adoptees.

2018-03-22 John Anderson 0 The Stolen Anti Corruption Show

Ontario Canada, Chelsea Vachon is on one heck of a battle, fighting for her right to be a mother while suffering a disorder that in many minds is in no way something that keep her from being a caring mother. Child protection again using the school history of this now grown up and matured woman. A very minor history, where this battle is showing total corruption not only within Ontario CFS but Ontario Lawyer's & Family court judges.

This child is stolen, being sold to the highest bidders.

Chelsea has support to help her also, her own mother who is in no way to old to help. We have spoken and interviewed them and know for a fact they are both very capable of taking the roll of loving and caring for Chelsea's daughter.


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