MinisterKevo Hyde AKA PRO PEDO

MinisterKevo Hyde AKA PRO PEDO

2018-04-06 John Anderson 0 Our Blog Fraud Advocates Exposed Exposing #Americas #Taken #Children #Fraud #Scam

This idiot is proven time and time again to be helping The exposed fraud movement called #Americas_Taken_Children, Who have been found to have multiple convcited pedophiles withing their groups and organization. This idiot actually is going around aiding all exposed pedophiles by targeting and attacking those who expose pedophiles and other corrupt scum. Claiming to be Annonomous, Yet is just a geek pro pedophile going around and bashing every person who exposes them. Be aware, this pervert is into teen pics and likes to talk about ass and cock a lot in conversations. He also was bold enough to threaten the lives and families of those who expose pedophiles. This fool claims he is the son of https://www.facebook.com/MarthaHyde.isCallingForAngels His facebook profile is: https://www.facebook.com/Hackenstien


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