John Aster (AXJ) Outed By Queensland Police

2018-03-22 John Anderson 0 Pedophile Alert's

John Anderson exposes online pedophile and his scam called AXJ by calling Australian police regarding Child porn downloader John Aster of Brisbane Australia who founded the fraud cause called AXJ. Thanks to BUACA Canada and its founder for exposing this sick person.

Source: http://www.spreaker.com/user/pirateradio/axj-pedo-outed-by-queensland-police

AXJ's founder John Aster is outed by police in Australia, even the police explain that John Aster DID in fact go to court after police found over 15,000 images of child porn on his computer. Both of live and dead naked children. Now this pedophile is using innocent people as means of covering the truth about him on his weak youtube channel. AXJ mean Actions 4 Justice, yet in reality it means fraud, fake, run by sick perverted scum. Is this who you want on your webspace, knowing that he is just next door on same websites like facebook and other social media websites.

John Aster went to court for the large amount of child porn on his computer, he got what is called a non conviction, that does not mean he was not convicted, in Australia that means an entire different thing. It is a type of conviction for those who are making money some way shape or form for the government, or they have made a deal to give up other pedophile rings to get the non conviction, It is still a conviction, John Aster can NOT look for any jobs relating to children and so on. Look up NON Conviction Australia. This is a sick result of Australian Government protecting pedophiles who make the government money.


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