Fraud/Pedo Advocates Spreading Like Wild Fire

Fraud/Pedo Advocates Spreading Like Wild Fire

2018-03-22 John Anderson 0 The Stolen Anti Corruption Show

BEWARE OF FRAUDULENT ADVOCATES. --Those people have no legal expertise in this field. Their using you and your stories for their own fame. The will say and do anything to make themselves look like the VICTIM. They stop at nothing to get the attention and sympathy of others through LIES and DECEIT rather than face the truth as to the real situation, they will NEVER admit they had any WRONGDOING or were the actual PROBLEM. It's easier to BLAME someone else than admit your a horrible parent!

Exercising my freedom of speech now!

Fraud Advocates Spreading Like Wild Fire. Is Your Experience Worth Donations? Seems So. ;) Have You Been Scammed And/Or Abused By Fraud Advocates? ;) Get ready for a live that exposes fraud advocates in detail. ;) Careful Who You Trust

Please Share "The Dark List" This is a compiled list of who is connected to frauds, scammers, fraud advocates & convicted pedophiles.


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