Fraud Advocate Exposed By Anonymous Caller

Fraud Advocate Exposed By Anonymous Caller

2018-03-22 John Anderson 0 The Stolen Anti Corruption Show

This show is a phone call of a viewer who caught on to the show previous about fraud Advocates using the people.
This person unnamed explains in some better details on why and how the fraud advocates operate. How they mask to the people the look of legitimacy when they are nothing more than wolves in sheeps clothing.

These fraud and false advocates are spreading, and in a way that seems to be a form created by the elite to rip down advocacy groups and organizations by contaminating them as well as creating their very own fraud advocacy organizations.

These frauds are now using public access TV to push out the illusion of legitimacy. Just a heads up, public access does not investigate who they allow use of the studio. They allow convicted pedophiles as well as others such as Love Works & Punished 4 Protecting. Exposed frauds with proven connections to convicted pedophiles.


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