Facebook Group Members/Admins Beware Of This Important Fact.

Facebook Group Members/Admins Beware Of This Important Fact.

2018-03-22 John Anderson 0 The Stolen Anti Corruption Show

Are you a member of a Facebook group? Did you see a post about something that helps warn the community of a threat? Did you notice that the important awareness post is deleted by an administrator? Did you hear the excuse that "it's not appropriate for this group"? Sadly there are some small town folks who will remove posts warning locals of convicted sex offenders. When confronted, the excuse above is what we got.

Placing a community, families and children at risk is a fact when removing such important and vital information needed by the local communities. If a sexual offense happened to someone who could have been warned by seeing the post, that an administrator of the group willfully removed, the fact is they are just as guilty as the sex offender.

Removing warnings of convicted sex offenders, no matter what the group, is in fact protecting the sex offender. If your a sleeping sheep you will never see it for the reality that it is...... Now would you support a group that is so stupid to remove such a warning? A warning that could save lives and keep the public aware about sex offenders in the community.

These administration nut jobs keep messaging, claiming to be justified yet with nothing but bulls hit responses and attacks with a dash of name calling. That's Grim rock..... The admins really represent the local community mentality to a "T". No really they do. "CHUCKLES".....


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