Bully Proof Assistant Application, For Android & Iphone

Bully Proof Assistant Application, For Android & Iphone

2018-03-22 John Anderson 0 Support BUACA

An intro to the "Bully Proof Assistant" Application that can be downloaded for Android cell phones. (Iphone Version Coming Soon).

This top of the line Anti Bullying Application can document bullying as it occurs, making it much easier to gather and save detailed evidence of the crime as it takes place. By taking pictures and documenting other grave details, the information saved can help ANY victim of Bullying or Cyber Bullying in just a few simple clicks. Using the information for police or to save incase you meet any online harm that you feel could aid in information to where a teen or even an adult has been abducted and by whom.

The options for using the application to help keep evidence are endless, the reason for using the application is up to you. Download the free version or download the .99 cent's version to help keep the application up and running with new features and more. The funds from the paid version fully support. "Bully Proof Assistant" Organization USA. ( Bully Proof Assistant Application will be made available for IPhone platform Soon). Fully Endorsed By Bully Bear & BUACA Canada.


Thanks for your support and God Bless, www.bullyproofassistant.com

Also: Download the Tip Calculator for both Android and Iphone, all funds from sales of the paid version go towards Bullyproofassistant.com


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