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Glenn Greenwald (Queens, New York, NY)  an American attorney, author and journalist who was falsely charged with Cyber Crimes for  Exposing Corruption within Brazil’s Government.

John Anderson speaking with Jason McClarin of Fairview RCMP over his arrest Audio depicts what occurred before during and after John Anderson’s arrest.

Stoney Plains RCMP  illegal Seized more like stole Cell Phones and PC’s.

Making ongoing complaints to the FBI and Local Law enforcement. Also verified by RCMP McClarin Mark Mumma was in fact going to mask his number and make false bomb threats to the FBI.

Mumma  has stated many times making false “Bomb Threats” to the FBI is not illegal because it’s a prank Call?

Because of the Release Conditions John Anderson was unable to be by his father’s side before his passing.

With that said, its more than clear the Crown Prosecutor Craig Krieger, Attorney Allen Xioa and the Edmonton Courts are protecting Pedophiles and Fake Advocates who are scamming and embezzling money from desperate parents who are in help with their CPS Cases.

The Case must be classified as Cyber Crimes because the arrest was so far out of Jurisdiction therefore  the  Case is filed in the wrong Court that alone dismisses the case, neither Prosecutor Krieger or Attorney Xioa are with the  ICC: International Criminal Court of Canada.

Mumma’s brilliance as a “Computer Expert” Tainted the entire Case  by what he calls Evidence. When there is an ongoing Case/hearing no person can release information of the Case and especially post Evidence on Websites and Social Media.

Mark Mumma makes a Video of him editing a Video to submit to Court – dumb ass –  Edited Video is false evidence – LOL

Several Factor that the Case is Dismissed:

  •  – Multiple Violations to Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms
  • – No Evidence to back the Statement of Facts
  • – False Plea Agreement does not hold up in Court
  • – No Evidence of Cyber Crimes
  • – Wrong Criminal Code and Section on Plea Agreement and Statements of Facts
  • – Crown Prosecutor failed to establish John Anderson is a Cyberstalker (aka)           Hacker.
  • – Supposed Victims do not live in Jurisdiction of the Court
  • – Uttering Threats is a Summary Conviction. All Summary Convictions Carry a 6
  •   month Statute of Limitations. After the 6 month Statute of Limitations the
  •   Court  cannot seek a convictiction.


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