Webguy.com’s Mark W Mumma Lies & Gets Slam Dunked

#Mark_W_Mumma of webguy.com is so debunked again with this.

This is funny because this is John Anderson pretending to be on convicted pedophile #John_George_Aster side to try and get the truth about Asters child porn downloading conviction.

John Anderson wasn’t successful in getting Aster to talk about his child porn guilty plea. But after this attempt, Michelle Stewart was able to pretend to friend Aster and get the information recorded confirming asters convictions.

Plus 2 others calls where police confirm your friend Aster is convicted. Your done Mark Mumma, you don’t expect people to fall for your bullshit. Hahahahaha.

#Mark_W_Mumma is #Again #DEBUNKED.

Using anything he can to save his pro pedo exposed ass.
Mark, this doesn’t dismiss John George Asters own words confessing to pleading guilty to child porn idiot. How you think this proves Asters innocence just shows how insanely morbid you are.

#Mark_W_Mumma is a #DEBUNKED #Joke.

#Webguy is #Pro_Pedo and it keeps showing. 

John Anderson recorded that call and uploaded that to youtube on an old channel called “Neokat”.

Your using Anderson’s recorded call that he showed his fans back in 2010. Showing his tactics in playing John George Aster.

Mark Mumma, you just proved how easy you are to debunk. Using John Anderson’s own recorded calls that he already uploaded to YouTube years ago is no secret dummy.

This is the screenshow of webguy.com’s Mark W Mumma pro pedo facebook page post where is actually says that this recorded audio is “PROOF” of Asters innocence? We laughed when we saw Mark state that as that is a very blunt show of grasping to cover up the truth. Truth being John George Aster DID plead guilty to child porn, and that Mark W Mumma is risking millions upon millions by trying to cover up the pedophile and his own confessions that are recorded and uploaded EVERYWHERE.

Okay ????
Wasn’t that a 3 hour recording? Where is the rest of it .

Wasn’t is about a negotiation to try and get everything of the internet because Geary was making claims that he was innocent regarding the allegations against him?

John Anderson was doing Peter Gearys bidding even as can be heard on there saying that it wasn’t Peter Geary but himself saying those things in order to avoid any legal repercussion’s for Geary! Possibly another IVO -Intervention Order ?
Geary being Australian & Aster being Australian ?
All because John was protecting Buaca Australia because he was officially Buaca Canada believing it was the right thing to do.

There is only one Question that we want to know .



Is JOHN ASTER denying that his “HOME” was raided by the Australian Federal Police & ARGOS & they seized hardrives and computers from the house that contained child pornography images whereby he was taken into police custody ?

A simple yes or no!
HIS inoccent? Then tell his version of events.

It appears this question and the answer gets avoided .

I know there are others who know that answer yet Aster wont answer it .
And why not if his innocent and a few of you really believe his inoccent !
Tell your story Aster about that police raid .What have you got to lose !
Or is it because you fear the truth of that raid might enforce how people already see you .
If l was innocent l would simply tell my story Aster .

Here is the edited video that Mark W Mumma used to create, twist, lie and fabricate more damaging carnage.   Carnage that he is once again, publicly proving how much of a risk to millions of innocent children and families both Mark W Mumma and his convicted pedophile friend John George Aster are proving to cause each and everyday.

(Above is the video of Mark W Mumma using anything he can to try and cover up him and his convicted pedophile friend John George Aster.)

(Below is the recording of John George Aster admitting to his child porn convictions and giving Michelle excuses as to why he never even tried to get them overturned)


This recording has the actual conversation between a female and John George Aster. You will hear her bring up Asters child porn conviction to Aster and you wont hear Aster deny his convictions but rather blames it all on “Corrupt Courts”. She clearly mentions to Aster that he should attempt to get his child porn conviction overturned, yet you hear Aster clearly get very upset and say he can’t etc etc. A lot of dispute has been going on about weither John George Aster is convicted of possessing child porn, to put an end to the charade of disputes, John George Aster is convicted of such and anyone stating otherwise or backing up this liar, cyber stalker, fraud, peadophile, then you need to get your head checked. Supporting Aster and claiming his innocence when he is proven otherwise means YOU are a severe risk to millions of innocent children and families world wide.



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