Mark W Mumma “Stalk Show Host” DEBUNKED!

The owner of has for around 2 years claimed that his friend, John George Aster, was “Never charged & convicted”, of child porn.

(Above: Convicted pedophile #John_George_Aster)

This post will then shock you all as we have a recorded section of a phone call that DEBUNKS any and all of Mark W Mumma’s claimed innocence of his friend.

You will clearly hear not only John George Aster clearly not denying the charges of child porn, but you will also clearly hear John George Aster give a round about excuse as to why he couldn’t get his conviction overturned.

This ends thr debate with Mark W Mumma, who is also the self proclaimed producer of the film, “Slapp Suit” & “Maxed Out”, who again for about 2 years risked millions of innocent children and families. By telling the world that John Aster was never charged or convicted. Totally claimed it all never happened to his close convicted child predator friend.


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