Pedo-Scams Case was Kangaroo Court – LOL

No Part of Francesca- PedoScams Case was a Kangaroo Court.

Pedo-Scam’s case was 100% percent made up bull S- – t!!! –  therefor her Case wasn’t a Kangaroo Court Process.


Best selling Book approved by a Team of Lawyers for Authencity and a Publisher? Her Attorneys must work for the New York Times because they and other’s mentioned in her stupid book are the only ones who will Validate Stupids Claims of her made-up Case and her fabricated Story. Another lie, Pedo-Scam has protected Address due to Domestic Violence? LOL Protected Adress from Domestic Violence means the father’s rights were terminated. – the father still has visitation – LOL

First of all Kangaroo Court is a process, not an actual Court. In the U.S we have – Maritime Courts” – No Court of Records, meaning Cases are not recorded by the means of Audio, Video, Transcripts Documents are not filed and Case No.(s) do not exist. Definitely Cannot file an Appeal

PedoScam’s Case is well Recorded and Case No.(s) exist. Francesca wouldn’t last 2 seconds in a Kangaroo Court Process. Other Words Pedoscams Story is fabricated bullshit made up and fictitious. Only persons that can Validate the fabricated Story is the Co-Conspirators mentioned in the Book.

The innocent parent cannot file any such documentation as a – “Magic Affidavit” – Any and all Documentation is blocked, Cannot submit Evidence and can not speak in open Court. High majority of Parents are gagged before the first hearing knowing the Law Book and the U.S Constitution front to back doesn’t work.

The kidnapping was, in fact, true at the time Francesca was the noncustodial parent did not return the son to the father and left the State – this is Parental Kidnapping. There was never a Court Battle or fought for her son. I could go on all day going overlies and fabrication and a dumb ass Book that doesn’t sell.  All this will be in an Upcoming Articles.

Going into an “Actual” Kangaroo Court Process preaching to the Court the U.S Constitution, your Rights going over the Laws – your Immediately Gagged and removed from Court. Tell the Judge you are a Sovereign Citizen and have Immunity, the period you’re thrown in Prison.  The Government sees Sovereign Citizens as Domestic Terrorist.


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