Corrine Mitchell child abuser exposed

Child Abuser at Supersized

Corrine Mitchell child abuser exposed

#Corrine_Mitchell is the woman who abused her 2 week old child. Beat his back in so hard to keep him from crying. This was back in 1979, since then and to this day she continues to stalk my husband #Actor_John_Anderson who also exposed her for her abuse in Facebook live.
She is also friends with others exposed by Anderson, one in particular is a convicted pedophile named #John_Aster who plead guilty to over 15,000 images of child porn.

She claims to now know #Jayme_Knyx after she had stalked John’s fanpage and saw a video of Jayme and Anderson together.

If you get a message from her please send to Edmonton Cyber Crimes Division and send a screenshot to #Actor_John_Anderson.
There is an open pending case against Corrine and many of her associates.
Here is her profile>

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