The Daily Haze Filled With Sexual Deviancy & Perverts



We are Bikers United Against Child Abuse. We fear nothing, and we are ready to show anyone how many Facebook users have very deviant sexual traits, many talk about private parts on a daily basis.

Compared to the many sex offenders we also observed in the many years of protecting children via our charity organization. It’s very apparent that this group surrounding the name #The_Daily_Haze aka #Meko_Haze, are bluntly observed as being very similar of how the pedophile groups comment and speak daily. Its days and days of comments about sexual desires, talking about private parts and even worse.

From a look inside the Daily Haze, we find many sick perverted individuals who are no better than how a pedophile speaks with other pedophiles.
They have also been seen to target those who suffer mentally disabilities and even aggressive towards a women who is autistic.

Over 10 years of witnessing many many groups and websites that claim to be for the better good, yet we find many sick individuals using names and groups to hide who they really are.
From experience dealing with pedophiles for over 10 years, I would have to advise everyone that he odds of #The_Daily_Haze having approximately 40% of its followers being seductive deviant craved dormant pedophiles is highly likely.

What we mean by dormant, is that a pedophile that has not acted on his or her sexual cravings, YET. Meaning that their suppressing their perversions for children in a manner where they are able to socialize with others who are like minded. Getting off on the very comments they say amongst themselves or in public threads where children can read them. Think about it, if a guy talks about you being a old man, and talks about Male private parts, (Like Meko Haze of the Daily Haze Has Done) more than likely means he wishes to be seduced by an old man, and do things to his private parts……

What we Express to our followers as we get started again in our organization is, be very careful what you decide to follow. As for #The_Daily_Haze and its feeble minded following, best to keep your feelings of sexual perversions to yourself. Most of all, stop talking about that filth in public threads where children can come across and be victim to your sick discussions. Then again, maybe that’s what gets them turned on, the fact a child could come and see what they are commenting, getting a rise and or sexual gratification from it.

It’s a sick world ladies and gentlemen.


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