Oklahoma Terrorist Mark W Mumma via The Daily Haze

We already know who Mark W Mumma is, we all remember his recorded threats to John Anderson to bomb Canadian politicians and set up John Anderson to take the fall. It was all in the recorded call.

The threats to have John Anderson’s daughter raped by 2 black men was also another threat made by Mark Mumma in a Facebook message.

We already know Mark Mumma is the creator of Webguy.com and is working alongside with convicted pedophile John Aster on their new site aimed at trying to discredit John Anderson, but has failed miserably as most of the world remembers John Aster being exposed by John Anderson and Pete Geary of Bikers United Against Child Abuse.

Now we collected a screenshot of Mark Mumma attempting to spread his lies within the comments area of a post relating to John Anderson via a Facebook page called #The_Daily_Haze.

It may seem like he is just posting his rather gibberish garbage, yet what he is really doing is trying to team up with Meko Haze who was recently exposed by all of us behind Stolen Productions.

Now remember, stolen.news is created by both fraud Mark W Mumma & Convicted pedophile John Aster of AXJ.

Now we are all watching close to see if The Daily Haze teams up with yet another fraud and convicted pedophile.  This is how Mark Mumma tries to lure people into his hate crime spree and have others spread a fraud and pedophiles fake news. This is common for exposed frauds and pedophiles to do, it keeps them less in the light.


We will definitely keep you all posted.

Please watch this video done by a very reputable investigative journalist that will help you to understand who and what John Aster really is.

Congrats The Daily Haze, you have proven to NOT post real news, yet are not only proven to mislead the people, Proof The Daily Haze is getting even more willingly involved with many frauds and pedophiles, on a very scary epic scale indeed.

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