Meko Haze Openly Aids Pedophiles By Attacking Those Who Exposed Them

Miko Haze was busted in his own live via Facebook. Where he openly sets up John Anderson after being warned his actions are in fact aiding convicted pedophile John Aster, Scammer Mark W Mumma and fraud advocate Francesca Banfield.

As there are court conditions that keep John Anderaon from participating in any video that speaks about individuals without consent.

Meaning Miko Haze attempted to set up John Anderson for a breech of conditions. Ultimately giving more evidence for convicted pedophile John Aster and his friends Mark Mumma, Francesca Banfield to have against John Anderson.

Miko Haze has been called out and confronted by many people who question his many connections on Facebook that are indeed proven to be in direct contact and friendships with multiple people who are in friendships with pedophiles.

(Below pic is the real name of Exposed Meko Haze)

John Aster plead guilty to over 15000 images of child porn, exposed by John Anderson & Pete Geary of Bikers United Against Child Abuse Australia and Canada around 2009.

Another is Elizabeth Mason, convicted for neglect as well as sexual offenses as seen in the document below.

She has been a close friend of Randy Davis for years. Even after Randy Davis was shown this he claimed it’s not the same woman. Yet when we watched the video where John Anderson confronts her about those charges she never denies them.

Elizabeth’s fast words were that the FBI were going to overturn her convictions. This was over 2 years ago she made that claim.

Now the new owners and admins of Stolen Productions confronted Miko Haze about the connections he has to multiple fake advocates, friends to convicted pedophiles, Miko got hostile with the women and made several idiotic statements within messages to a fanpage managed by 5 women.

Miko Haze brags about how many people he has on Twitter and other sites trying to use the amount to intimidate the women. So the admins simply explain Miko Haze to say the same comments he has made to them. Knowing John Anderson wont take the fact Miko is verbally abusing the wonderful ladies.

Miko sends his number, one of the admins sends the number in a text message to John’s wife, John’s wife sends a text with Mikos number to John Anderson with explanation of verbal abuse to women by Miko Haze.

During the messages between Miko Haze and the fanpage, Miko never advised any of them the call would be live. And the conversation he had with the page was very long. Constant verbal abuse towards the women.

They advised it’s not wise to attack John Anderson because if he does it would show he is doing nothing more than helping convicted pedophiles and frauds Anderson has exposed in 10 years,

Miko doesn’t care, Miko continues to set up John Anderson, still never advising the admins of the page the pro pedo is recording John Anderson without consent and knowing that his actions are helping a case where Francesca and pedophile John Aster are targeting John Anderson.

Miko does the following live, knowing he was simply called out for all his nasty connections to fakes, trolls, bullies, fraud advocates, convicted pedophiles and friends of convicted pedophiles.

Now it makes us wonder the type of woman he says he is with, knowing he is that mentally insane to risk thousands of feeble followers to be in close contact with many evils by accepting requests and not looking into any of the profiles he is accepting.

This is what people who are grasping for o line fame do, the send and accept any requests from anyone they get. They use these profiles to push themselves and portray as a famous person. When in fact they just sent and received contacts from anyone and everyone possible. Not looking into who they are, risking all the innocent contacts on the same friend list.

This was explained to Miko, he got big mad and just kept on the defensive. Calling all of us names and threatening us with live videos and articles, which we laughed our asses off at when we seen he is actually a nobody. No fame as he tries to portray himself as.

Anyways here is the video where he helps pedophiles and frauds by setting up Anderson and not informing he is recorded, in a direct attempt to help pedophile John Aster, Mark w Mumma, Francesca Banfield, Tony Blas, Robin Sherman, Elizabeth Mason, Geraldine Phifer.

Nice try Miko Haze. You can tell whatever you want to your weak followers. Many know the real truth about you now and what you tried to do and for who you did it for.

In the end, it’s best and safest to say, Miko Haze is a severe risk to children and families world wide seeing as this is a mass social media issue where he has so many filthy connections, even many who are child abusers who lost their children to child services and are playing the corruption card. As we have seen by 99.9% of the family rights groups on Facebook.

P.s dont worry Meko, we will correct your name twatwaffle.

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