Geraldine Phifer of Americas Taken Busted Criminally Harassing & Defaming.

The following is screenshots of Geraldine Phifer the founder and convicted child abuser is seen obsessing over John Anderson’s YouTube channel which John no longer owns.

Yet we see Geraldine Phifer continue each and every day, ALL DAY  Obsessing over John Anderson all because she is busted proving everyday how much of a fake advocate she really is. Hate smearing campaign after campaign, defaming anyone who dares to expose the truth about who she is and how she abuses donations by playing victim yet spends her days hating people just because she is busted and called out as the fraud advocate she is.


Working with her partner in crime Mark W Mumma who built her website and maintains it, also being the founder of and both Mark Mumma & Geraldine Phifer have also been proven to work with convicted pedophile John Aster who is another person John Anderson exposed and gets attacked by on a daily basis.

As stated in other articles on this website  the proof will be exposed publicly in Canadian court July 22 2019 again by John Anderson and several hundred witnesses, some being police officers testifying on behalf of John Anderson.

Police who can also confirm John’s claims are deemed as fact. 😉

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