Stolen Productions presents a new 10 part series where we expose all the names who attacked Actor John Anderson.

John Anderson is being stalked, harassed and criminally defamed by convicted pedophile #John_Aster and friends of his who are deeply into fraud advocacy groups etc


July 22 2019 is when John Anderson exposes all. How the criminals used John’s acting videos to file false police reports etc.  Even more sick is how fake advocates who got caught by Anderson sided with the very pedophile Anderson exposed named John Aster who openly admits to being convicted of downloading over 15000 images of child porn.


Actor John Anderson will never rest until the criminals are arrested, in jail, shut down. It will happen because John Anderson has been an informant for Calgary Criminal Intelligence Agency since 2001.

Watch as police testify against other police and also testify against mark W Mumma and his friends pedo John Aster and Geraldine Phifer of Americas Taken advocacy scam. This scam was made by a convicted drug dealer and child abuser named Geraldine Phifer. A creation to line her pockets with free money. Donations.

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