Secret FB Group Made By Pedophile To Defame John Anderson

We can’t upload all the videos yet as directed by legal counsel. Because the video recording of the group are used as evidence in court July 22 2019 in Stony Plain Alberta Courtroom #1 @ 9am.

Rest assured you will get them, produced into a documentary about the many issues surrounding sex offenders a short time after July 22.


What you are witnessing is a real life convicted pedophile named John Aster, going all out defaming and calling actor John Anderson a pedophile because he is mad John Anderson exposed him for his hidden child porn convictions.
15000 images Mr Aster was caught with. Both live and dead naked children.


#Mark_W_Mumma & #John_Aster
Your both In A Bit Of A Conundrum On Court July 22 2019
We have recorded every post and comment in your created group.

Woah, we got sent video after video of an entire group made by an exposed pedophile who is pissed off at John Anderson for exposing him and the pedophiles friends and fake profiles he uses to talk to himself.
Calling John Anderson a pedophile and getting others to spread the word is some sick shit. Did you think no one was watching???

Constable Jason M from Fairview created a fake profile to watch all 5 of you and the other idiots you pulled into that group. Mind you many were pissed off and wanted nothing to do with that group.

John Aster as seen in this picture of one of the many videos we got of his secret group where he gathered pro pedo supporters and had them hang up against John Anderson for exposing them all.
How are you going to explain all the defamatory statements, posts, videos and comments, group chats in court?
How are you going to explain?
See Mark W Mumma & John Aster. You walked right on into what was supposed to happen.

Like John Anderson said in that so called threat video, “I’m Just Saying The Threats So I Get Them Into Court, I’m Not Even Serious About The Threats”.
Now why on earth would someone want to do that?

Hummmm, is it maybe because proving your association to a convicted pedophile on court recorded transcript that the public can pay a small fee to purchase copies of and upload ending rumors, false claims, defamation and end each and every idiot stick who helped convicted pedophile John Aster.

Hell, John Anderson has EVERYTHING he needs to end you all in court and use the court to expose you and your names for life.
DOWNFALL Mark Mumma & John Aster is, you don’t understand how smart John Anderson really is.

Don’t let his videos acting fool you into thinking he is dumb, that’s what he wants you to think.

He fucked 5 names all in one final swoop, taking a risk. Now that’s balls. And this is going down in history.

Mark, hope you hire that media crew for July 22. We did. 😉

John Anderson has studied 2 years criminal law and 2 years Psychology.

He toyed with you sooooooo bad and you pro pedos and pedophile bought it all. Walked right on into it. Now no matter what, the shit hits the fan July 22 2019 in Stony Plain Alberta Courtroom #1 @ 9am.

Not to mention that after court, each one of these videos made recording every inch of that group is being made public. By by website designing, probably end up getting divorced after this. Lmao. Doubt Rita will want to stay with such a drastically exposed husband. More so when she learns and see the facts about your black man fetish.

Robin loses her remax Job, starts to stay home and stay from the public’s eyes.

Tony probably does something really stupid to try and get sympathy from the public.

Franny Pants, well she loses her son. Goes into the care of the father etc.

Let this be a lesson for anyone defaming someone, siding with a real pedophile to target those who expose pedophiles. You never know who is watching and collecting. So it’s best to stop thinking your smarter than everyone else. Because this is what just happened. 5 people thought they were smarter than John Anderson. Thinking they would get him labelled as a pedo for exposing you 4 frauds and 1 pedo. Naw, never.



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