Americas Taken Targets Victims Of Sexual Abuse

Since exposing the fake organization called #Americas_Taken
They call our founder and father a pedophile because he was sexually abused.

This is yet more proof these people don’t deserve to have children, proven reason as to why they lost their own children to the system..

#Geraldine_Phifer is a convicted child abuser hiding behind her own fake organization creation. Not to mention the many pedophiles she has involved like #John_Aster and #Elizabeth_Mason.

#Americas_Taken harbors parents who have many reasons to not have children in their care. Parents to display actions like as seen in this screen shot.
Is this worth donating to? Knowing these people are being paid to create hate campaigns and make defamatory comments about survivors of sexual abuse.

Think, there are real genuine organizations out there that refrain from this sort of behavior. They are the ones that deserve donations, not Americas Taken.



Below is our reply to this #Pro_Pedo idiot. 😉

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