Rachel Rolston Helps Convicted Pedophile John Aster

Rachel Rolston is seen in this video lying and defaming actor John Anderson who exposed her close convicted pedophile friend named #John_Aster who resides in Brisbane Australia.

John Aster plead guilty to over 15000 images of child porn. Both live and deceased naked children were found on his computer.

Once actor John Anderson exposed the details on his show, John Aster,  Rachel Rolston, Robin Sherman, Tony aka Steven Blas, Mark W Mumma, Francesca Amato Banfield plus many other names are exposed for aiding a convicted pedophile.

Word is on July 22 2019 in Stony Plain Alberta Courtroom John Anderson will be taking down all these fakes, frauds, pedophile and pro pedos.

Rachel Rolston is been caught doing many online scams based out of New Zealand.  Research shows she has even made it to local media for her online scams.

This shows how far pedophiles, frauds and fake advocates will go once they are exposed publicly.

Just know the only pedophile is her Australian friend John George Aster.


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