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Mark W Mumma, known Fraud, online stalker and defamer is creating many sites to claim his so called innocence.

Yet on July 22nd Mark W Mumma I’d exposed and proven to be an online criminal connected to convicted pedophile John Aster and makes websites for vulnerable people thinking that he is an actual website creator.

If you have been a victim of Mark W Mumma contact us ASAP & join us in ending fraudsters once and for all.


Mark W Mumma in this excerpt is clearly claiming he stood up for Geraldine Phifer, the creator of the fraud Americas Taken Children and convicted child abuser both exposed by actor John Anderson.

Mark W Mumma stood up for her alright, he called actor John Anderson and made recorded threats to bomb Canadian politicians and mask the calls as John Anderson’s phone number. A direct threat to John Anderson and a threat to Canadian National Security.

The FBI are involved and local authorities are in a debate on whether to extradite Mark W Mumma or keep the recent Canada wide warrants.

On www.buaca.ca you can hear recording of Mark’s friend convicted pedophile #John_Aster admitting to child porn convictions.

The next list being compiled are each and every website created by pro pedo and scammer Mark Mumma. Listing them as being created by known criminal and scam artist Mark W Mumma.

P.S. for all if you paying Mark to build you a website, you can pay the actual cheaper prices by going directly to who he pays to host your website.


All websites created by Mark Mumma he owns, don’t think that because you own the company means you own the website. Make sure you get the scammer to sign over the website and domain names. If Not he plans on screwing you over.


This url will take you to where Mark W Mumma friend pedophile John Aster admits to child porn convictions.



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