Geraldine Phifer Founder of Americas Taken Children Scam Defamed John Anderson for Exposing Her.

Looks like John Anderson should show these in court on July 22 2019.
We have a ton more. Even screen shots and screen recording of the secret group.
John Anderson exposed Geraldine phifer and her fraud cause Americas Taken Children.  In anger she spreads lies about Stolen Productions and our founder who exposed the scam and the pedophiles the scam harbors.
John Anderson will be ending many scammers and pedophiles in court.
Is this how any organization should be acting? Defamation galore and the tables have turned in favor of Actor John Anderson.

John Anderson exposed her criminal history for child abuse, as well as her strong connection to convicted pedophile #John_Aster who plead guilty to over 15000 images of child porn.

#I_Stand_With_John_Anderson #Stolen_Productions
Stay tuned.

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