The Exposed 5 in Stony Plain Court Alberta.

Get ready because word out is that on July 22 2019 in Stony Plain Alberta Courtroom #1 is where John Anderson provides evidence against 4 scammers and 1 convicted pedophile.


John Aster located in Australia has been exposed since early 2006 by a mother and another anti child abuse organization. The mother pretended to friend the pedophile while recording every phone call conversation.

Within the recordings you can clearly hear John Aster admit to pleading guilty to over 15000 images of child porn.

Later on Stolen Productions actor John Anderson gets wind of the information about John Aster and makes is public. Exposing it to the world.

Since then John Aster has been recruiting others to help attack Anderson due to Asters anger for being exposed by Anderson.

Aster even attacks and threatens the mother who recorded the phone conversation.

More details to this will be added on July 22 2019. Feel free to come to the court and watch history be made. Exposing thousands of evidence against the famous 5 who worked together to attack Actor John Anderson for exposing them.


P.S. Francesca Banfield kidnapped her child along with her Canadian fraud partner in Winnipeg named Sandra G. Both frauds, kidnappers and founders of the scam Punished 4 Protecting aka P4P..


The names that openly helped known convicted pedophile John Aster are as follows.

1.  #Mark_W_Mumma aka #Webguy aka #Rock_Reid.

2.  #Francesca_Banfield aka #Punished4Protecting aka Francesca_Amatto

3.  #Robin_Sherman #Remax_Realty

4.  Steven_Blas aka #Tony_Blas

5. #John_Aster aka #Convicted_Child_Porn_Downloader located in #Australia.



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