Fake Family Advocates Push Parents To Use Sovereign Citizen Affidavits

A group of supposed family advocates appear to be pushing families in Child Protection Service cases to use a sovereign citizen affidavit
FRANCESCA is onnected to pedophile John Aster who plead guilty to child porn.

Fake Family Advocates Push Parents To Use Sovereign Citizen Affidavits

Posted by: Meko Haze in Stranger Things January 5, 2019

A group of supposed family advocates appear to be pushing families in Child Protection Service cases to use a sovereign citizen affidavit

  • Francesca Amato-Banfield, David Jose and David Straight claim the affidavit is bringing children home every day without any backing evidence
  • The affidavit renounces American citizenship placing people in the category of sovereign citizen
  • People using the affidavit have been warned that they will lose any government aid they may be receiving

Child Protection Services is riddled with serious issues that often lead to children being wrongfully taken while children that are suffering abuse are left in the home until something extremely tragic occurs.

Most commonly, people in poverty are targeted by CPS, normally leaving distraught parents with no money and little to no understanding of the law facing a very hard and expensive battle to get their children home. Parents who face wrongful removals are some of the most desperate and vulnerable people in the country, making them perfect victims for scam artists claiming they will get their children back.

Recently, a group of three “family advocates” — and a few offshoots who falsely claim to have legal expertise — have been pushing desperate families to use an incredibly dangerous affidavits while accepting “donations” to be instructed on how to use said affidavits. Those teaching parents how to use the affidavits have no legal expertise what-so-ever. The affidavits are allegedly a magic bullet, so to speak, that will take care of all your legal problems and return your children home in the blink of an eye — a claim we have seen before within sovereign citizen communities, which of course always fall short when applied in the legal system.

Francesca Amato-Banfield, David Jose Romero Watson and David Straight are the three scammers backing these affidavits and convincing desperate families children are coming home because of them, despite having yet to provide one legal document backing those claims. When questioned about the affidavits, they quickly block the person and tell others to do the same. Their social media accounts are littered with stories exposing CPS faults that they present in a manner to appear they were a part of. Almost everything they claim is shrouded in deceit, including their pasts.

According to an article from The Daily Freeman, Amato-Banfield’s legal name is Frances Amato. In January 2017, Kingston police were looking for Amato in regards to her missing son who was 9-years-old at the time. Police believed the child was with Amato — his noncustodial parent at the time — but not in danger. Amato runs what she claims is a nonprofit organization called Punished 4 Protecting (P4P). Her organization does not appear to be recognized as a nonprofit organization with the IRS, even though she says it is. Amato also claims to be a best selling author for her book “Punished 4 Protecting: The Injustice System of Family Court,” a claim that seems highly unlikely with only 24 reviews on Amazon.

Along with running a questionable, at best, nonprofit organization, Amato took part in a nonexistant run for Governor of New York in the 2018 midterm elections. Instead of actually filing to run, Amato decided to launch a “write-in campaign” through her public Facebook fan page “Francesca Amato Banfield” with an unimpressive following of 1,429. In the about section Amato claims to be a politician. It comes as no surprise that Amato’s Facebook-based campaign did not win her the title of governor.

Amato also claimed in September that she and other advocates would be speaking in front of Congress in Washington DC. In reality, Amato and a group of advocates spoke to each other in a library located in a rundown area of DC. Much like her governor campaign, this appeared to be another stunt to appease her dwindling Facebook audience. These are just a handful of examples that show Amato’s history of failing to follow proper procedures from something she claims either due to a lack of understanding of how these things work, or simply not caring as long as she can make a video on Facebook about it.

On her own, Amato is somewhat harmless and contained to her echo chamber of followers. However, since connecting with Watson and Straight things are taking an ugly turn.

Watson — who goes by David Jose on Facebook — has a past with years of “get rich quick” and pyramid schemes. Watson’s YouTube channel “DaveCaresForYou”is loaded with videos of different money making schemes. Some of the videos on his channel include “Learn to Make $5 to $10k Daves Way www.5to10kDavesWay.com,” “We Make Deals You Can TOO,” and “David’s way More Real Estate Leads.” Watson’s YouTube channel could be the poster child for every empty pyramid scheme quote in existence.

Two years ago, Watson was involved with Motor Club of America (MCA). MCA was under much scrutiny as countless sites accused them of being a pyramid scam. One testimony allegedly comes from a former employee who claims“It’s a total scam. They make you agree to a contract that say you will not say something bad about the company, that’s why the rest of the reviews are positive.” Watson heavily promoted MCA in YouTube videos flashing stacks of cash and promoting the idea of making money over night.

Just two years later, Watson is an alleged child advocate who is fighting to get children home from wrongful CPS abductions. Watson uses Facebook as his soapbox and claims anybody who opposes himself or the affidavit are involved in a child trafficking scheme that would make Pizzagate look like Disneyland. Common with sovereign beliefs, Watson pushes the belief that God’s law is the true law, while actual law is a fallacy ran by pedophiles. Anybody who questions Watson will find themselves blocked from his account and placed into the category of people helping to traffic children.

How did Watson go from pyramid schemes to family advocate? In December of 2017, Watson appears to have switched from get rich quick schemes to join the sovereign citizen community, which is often times linked to online scams. According to “National Great Registry,” Watson renounced “any kingdoms of the world and all their glory ruled by Lucifer.”

I, the undersigned hereby declare, with this oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any of the kingdoms of the world and all their glory ruled by Lucifer under the creed of Luciferianism or various doctrines and the religion of satanism, its potentates, its states, its sovereignties, its regions and principalities of whom or which I have heretofore been assumed to be a subject or citizen thereof;
So help me God/Yahweh
David Jose Romero Watson

Watson’s signature is seen on the same form known sovereign citizen Ronnie Lee Davis signed. Davis was the leader of a cult-like sovereign group called “Bear’s Law and Forensic Science,” which — much like Amato, Watson and Straight— claimed to bring children home with no backing evidence and put corrupt government officials in jail. Davis claimed he was appointed as a judge under Bruce Doucette who claimed to be a “Superior Court Judge of the Continental uNited States of America.” Doucette is currently serving 38-years in prison for three counts of retaliation against a judge and attempting to influence a public servant.

Davis has legal problems of his own stemming from his sovereign legal group. In 2017, he pleaded guilty to battery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Initially, Davis was facing life in prison for an armed kidnapping in Polk City, Florida. Davis was said to have held a woman hostage who came from Texas to write a story on his “legal” group. The woman said after she arrived at the compound she was forced to sleep on the living room floor and Davis told her she was going to be one of his wives.

At least four armed guards patrolled the compound ensuring nobody was able to enter or leave. The woman was finally able to escape after she left the compound with a person that was handling the group’s notary work.

On top of his charges from the kidnapping, Florida prosecutors filed a felony charge of unlawful practice of law against Davis. While it is somewhat rare for a sovereign to be charged with unlawful practice of law, Davis appears to be one of the lucky few. “We at the Bear’s Law and Forensics Team comprehend the law and the plight of parents who have lost their children,” Davis advertised through his Bear Law group. Once again, there is nothing showing that Davis ever helped bring a child home. Below is a video of some of Davis’ finer work.

Amato, Watson, and Straight’s affidavit claims are almost identical of Davis’ empty claims. Amato at times has claimed the affidavits they are pushing on families have nothing to do with sovereign citizens because the term itself is an oxymoron, a common argument among the sovereign community. The reality being, that is how the federal government identifies those who renounce their citizenship to the United States. Even when Amato claims the affidavits are not related to sovereign citizens, in the same breath, she has warned families they will lose their government assistance.

In a Facebook LIVE video, Amato said parents receiving food stamps or other forms of government assistance are forever trapped in that situation and can never get out. Amato also said parents would need to make a choice between receiving food stamps or getting their children home, an argument that makes no sense on any level. The reason why Amato is warning people of losing government assistance is that the affidavits renounce citizenship of the United States, making them a sovereign citizen.

The Daily Haze obtained copies of these affidavits. On page 2 of one of the two affidavits, it clearly renounces citizenship of the United States. The rest of the affidavit is everything you would expect from sovereign citizen nonsensical documents. Quotes, references to legal cases and the Bible all mixed and jumbled together. These sovereign documents have become such a hassle for courts to try and make sense of that they have deemed flooding the courts with these documents “paper terrorism.”

I am not a Resident, Employee or Citizen of the UNITED STATES Government (Corporation), whose situs is Washington, the District of Columbia. My relationship to that Federal entity as far as jurisdiction is that of a non-resident alien to the Corporate United States Government. Also know as an American State National, or Bloodline American.

Once again, there is no evidence these affidavits have brought any children home. Two of the parents Watson and Amato have claimed to help is Heather McCoy, 40, and Lakeidric McCoy, 39. The McCoys’ house where their children were removed from was described as “Beloit house of horror” by local media. The residence was said to be a “house of filth, smelling of mold, garbage, dirty diapers and pet odor and cluttered with dirt, rotten food, and puddles of urine on the floor.” The grandparents said there was physical abuse as well, and one of the children had bite marks on their body, “including being bitten on the penis, once to the point where it bled.” In total, Heather McCoy has been reported to CPS 40 times since 1998. Not only does Heather McCoy seem like a danger to her children, there is also no evidence the affidavit returned her children home. The fact that Amato and Watson would advocate for these parents is disturbing to say the least.

Another person who allegedly had her children brought home thanks to the affidavit is an account with an obvious love for the children’s show star Peewee Herman. Ruby Aloysius Herman Love on January 3 made a post claiming Amato got her children home. In the comments, someone asked if she did the affidavit, to which Watson replies “yep.”

Oddly enough, even though Love made a post about her children being home thanks to the affidavit a day prior, on a post by Amato on January 4 Love said she needed help with the 99-page affidavit she allegedly already used to get her children back. The same affidavits that have not appeared to help Watson when he allegedly abused his own child.

Despite the evidence lacking claims of these so-called advocates, the reality is there is no one size fits all answer to any legal issue. An affidavit is nothing more than a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court. Without backing evidence to support the affidavit and a motion filed, an affidavit is not going to return your children, especially when using an affidavit declaring yourself a sovereign citizen. It is highly advisable that instead of taking legal advice from random strangers with no legal expertise on Facebook, you speak to an attorney.


Meko Haze is an independent journalist by day… and an independent journalist by night.

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