Actor Nathan Forrest Winters


S.T.O.L.E.N. Productions Presents:
(Monster Hunters)
From the ages of 6-years-old to nearly 12, I was sexually abused by Hollywood director and producer Victor Salva. I starred as a child actor in two of his films, “Something in the Basement” and “Clownhouse.”
Once my abuse was made known, Victor Salva was arrested on 11 counts ranging from child sexual abuse to possessing child pornography.
He was ultimately convicted of four of those counts.
Though he was sentenced to three years in prison, he never served one day doing hard time. Instead, he spent 15 months in a treatment center.
When Salva was free from treatment he found more work in Hollywood including making the Disney film “Powder” and the “Jeepers Creepers” franchise.
My life was destroyed while Victor Salva continued to work in Hollywood and was rewarded for it.
Victor has been telling other people’s stories since becoming a registered sex offender nearly 30 years ago.
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