The Real Tony aka Steven Blas




Tony Blas aka Steven Blas contacts John Anderson’s wife making many threats and verbally assaulting her about her husband John Anderson who exposed Tony as a fake predator hunter who does more training of paedophiles than exposing them. Even admits to John Anderson’s charges as being fake. As we of course already knew seeing as thousands watch everything that went down for months and even how.

Tony keeps running his mouth, talking about dick and other perversions often in this conversation.  Tony is in for a real treat when John Anderson presents proof of Tony’s involvement with convicted Paedophile John Aster who plead guilty to over 15000 images of child porn.

Read as Tony also brags about having a contract with Vice Media.  Sadly Vice has been well informed of this sick perverted man who is hiding his true colors by attempting to expose others just like himself.

Proof it is Tony as he also sends voice messages to John Anderson’s wife. Tony is presenting evidence that he is not just pro pedo, but someone with high sexual deviancy as well as paedophile like tendancies.


Well he has now admitted to Fake charges against John Anderson.

URLs to this conversation are copied to prove validity. Shows once again the RCMP are a failure just as the Crown Prosecution in Anderson’s case.

At this point we feel local media involvement is deemed very necessary in regard to everything that has happened.

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