Team Loyalty Working With Pedophile John Aster.

Mark Mumma & his convicted Paedophile friend John Aster who openly admits to pleading guilty to over 15000 images of child porn are now working with Team Loyalty.

John Asters own admissions and copy of his convictions are being presented in a Canadian court proceeding, also proving every name that is working with the said convicted Paedophile.

Mark Mumma is also under investigation for threats to Canadian parliament, threats to bomb them and set up John Anderson to take the fall by masking Anderson’s number.

Bikers United Against Child Abuse was the first to expose John Aster, a real children’s organization.  Sadly many sheep following Team Loyalty are unaware to who Team Loyalty is protecting. PAEDOPHILES & FRAUDS LIKE John Aster.

John Anderson is who exposed the groups housing frauds and paedophiles within.

Here is the proof.


Below is a screen shot of convicted Paedophile John Aster showing his support. Seems team loyalty is rounding up and helping more paedophiles than trying to put an end.

Fact is, team loyalty is now exposed as a severe risk to children & families. If you are in support, you support the Paedophiles team loyalty is accommodating via social media.

Steven Blas is the claimed predator hunter who went on a live video claiming John Aster was innocent. Yet John Anderson has all the proof of John Asters child porn convictions. Be prepared as John Anderson exposes everything in Canada court with the media mainstream networks.


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