Exposing Gross Pro Pedo In Hiding


We can see the real Steven B in this video. Bashing the mentally disabled and just down right disgusting.

This is the self proclaimed predator hunter, who is helping train more pedophiles than getting ANY actual convictions.

Using victims of sexual abuse this fool has to realize his so called busts are not getting any convictions. Why you ask?

Because of how he baits the claimed predators the cases get thrown out. Think about this, if you were a predator who just got publicly shamed on a Facebook live, chances are that afterwards you would be worrying about the evidence you have as trophies from other victims or articles of clothing from other victims etc. So you can bet that a predator will be going straight home to remove anything that can sentence them to prison time and so on.

This tactic is a proven aid to pedophiles on a global scale, while claimed predator hunters are screwing up cases. Using predators to cash in on donations and promotional gear. It’s now all about using what ever you can to hide behind while at the same time using victims to profit from.

No sentences have been handed out over 99.9% of the claimed busts made. 98% got off because of how these fools are baiting the predators. About 2% are awaiting court.

Each and every time you see the claimed predator hunters do a “bust”, the pedophile will get no sentence, they educate multiple pedophiles per each video by showing pedophiles what to watch for and what not to do in order to not get caught.

Real predator hunters don’t do busts on a live feed without risking and or stopping victims from seeking justice.  They do the busts off cam with police assistance, after the sentencing has been made by a judge, then produce the video. What these idiots are doing is nothing more than helping to educate pedophiles while making it so they get off of all charges.

Facts are facts, we know that Steven B is reading this, understands these facts and yet will still ruin cases just to get his nasty ass attention. So because Steve, Shane and others want attention, many predators will be getting away Scott free.

How do they sleep at night, better yet, how can the idiots following that support helping pedophiles? Ah, because to them this is entertainment.  Sadly the fact is it’s not entertainment to victims and survivors seeking justice.

If you have kids and follow that garbage risking more children and keeping a pedophile free just for entertainment, Better understand YOU are a part of the problem. Not the solution.


Take that F@tman

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