Attention Claimed Pedo Busters!!!


Attention Claimed Predator Hunters!!!

You are educating pedophiles on what not to do & scaring them into eliminating any possible evidence in their home, car etc that could send them away for years. On top of that you are fucking up the cases against them. If you bait a predator, take it to the police and get something done properly. You are also using victims of sexual abuse to gain social gratification. Spitting on victims all because you want to gain fame from antisocialites.
If you catch a predator, take it to the police. Stop fucking shit up to the point the pedo scum run home to delete hard drives, burning evidence such as the pedophiles trophies from victims, clothing, hair, pictures etc.

The tactics used are more pro pedo than anti pedo. Wake the fuck up.
The facts are being produced into a film for people to get educated on how its more protection of a pedo than exposing.

So next busts you claim to do, just state the facts that the pedophile will more than likely go home and eliminate any evidence against them. Make sure you tell your idiot followers in a live punks. Awareness is key, even if its awareness of your stupidity.


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5 thoughts on “Attention Claimed Pedo Busters!!!

  1. Fatman lost the plot. Why on earth did fatman go live claiming the pedophile was innocent. John Aster even admitted to child porn convictions, afterward fatman goes live sayin he is not a paedo. What I watched was fatman try to help a pedophile clear as day.
    Yes it is educating predators
    Yes they screw up cases resulting in more of an aid than punishment to paedophilia.

  2. I watched Tony Blas help that pedophile John Aster. Hope the fat goofs kids stay the hell away from Tony. He is one fookin ugly pro pedo. Roast him in court John, I will be there.

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