Rumor Control Patrol. FYI About John Anderson

All John Anderson’s videos, articles & pictures we uploaded to this website are NOT new. We copied them from his Facebook account, YouTube channels & other media websites.

You may go & see for ones very own self because they are public dated months ago some over a year.

(He is NOT online)

Sad fact, haters, pro pedo’s, Paedophiles are creating rumors John Anderson is online when it is very blunt John is not. We are on our own accord maintaining this website & Facebook pages.

John has indeed been through enough.

The admins of this website & Facebook pages are listed by first name only. We are witnesses to the crimes by those falsely accusing John & are standing by him. Most of us will be testifying as witnesses for John. We will report anyone who harasses us or bullies us to police, so don’t even bother us. We don’t want to hear a fairytale. We know and watched everything for months, some of us for years.









Thank you to those who continue to stand behind survivor & actor John Anderson who has been set up and staged by frauds working with paedophiles that John has been warning the public about.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact us.



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