Pro Pedos Traci Ross & Jim Mimms

#Pro_Pedo #Traci_Ross & #Jim_Mimms have been exposed for months. That’s why John Anderson removed his Stolen Productions show he hosted with her.

Traci Ross and Jim Mimms were exposed as frauds along with Francesca over 10 months ago. Just because you got worried about going down with Franny, you pulled away from P4P. You are both exposed pro pedo scum. You helped many pedophiles by the shit you spread. Shit about John Anderson that actually helped give the pedophiles he exposed the mask of credibility.
Traci Ross & Jim Mimms are exposed pro pedo losers.
Traci & Jim are also trying to say they exposed Fran first. Well then why did John Anderson expose you & Jim as members of Franny Pants almost a year ago. We all watched Anderson expose you and Jim. Hell even Jay Moss etc are also exposed while working with Francesca.

Traci hope when that daughter grows up she knows how much her mommy helped many frauds and convicted pedophiles. Just sayin.

Sorry to burst that pride bubble Traci Ross but John Anderson is kicking her ass legally. Something you know nothing about . Know this, your mouth has made it so we all are naming those John exposed. They can all thank you big mouth.


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