Americas Taken Children & National Coalition a Pedophile Ring?

Americas Taken Children is not only exposed as a full outright scam but as a safe haven for many convicted child abusers as well as pedophiles to hide behind.

Americas Taken founder Geraldine Phifer, is a known drug addict with a list of violent convictions. Some convictions are of child abuse in nature. Not only that, a few convicted known pedophiles are also seen showing strong involvement with Geraldine Phifer. John Aster plead guilty to over 15000 images of child porn. Elizabeth Ann Mason is yet another convicted pedophile.

When Elizabeth was confronted about her pedo convictions she openly admitted the charges. Now she is also a member of Francesca Amatto Banfields National Coalition P4P.

Many warnings have been sent with facts, evidence and proof, yet they stick together like glue. It would seem frauds and pedophiles have a lot in common.  Enough in common to stay together and attack those innocent people who even try to expose them.



Geraldine Phifer aka Geri is seen in this screen shot, calling Stolen productions John Anderson a pedo. All because Anderson dug deep and exposed Geraldine and Francesca.

Mark W Mumma is Rock Reid fake profile. Mark W Mumma is creator of the scam called and is suffering from losing multiple lawsuits for his online crimes etc. Notice Mark creates a number for his website called bongjohnsilver claiming the man who exposed the frauds and pedophiles is one. Yet police already confirmed John Anderson to be innocent of such claims and is simply exposing the real criminals, frauds and pedophiles.

Below is a pic from when Geraldine claims Pro Pedo Mark Mumma scammed her. Since this post the pro pedo and frauds have both kissed and made up.

Below is a pic of Geraldine stalking all of John Anderson’s members posts. Yet makes comments in an attempt to hide who and what Geraldine really is. A fraud who is bluntly pro pedo and loving it.

Below is a screen shot of where pedophile John Aster is upset because judge Demak called him a cunt and a lying pedophile in one of his court cases.

Why on earth would John Aster be called a pedophile by a judge? Duh, because he is a convicted pedophile.

Below is a pic of John aster with Bex. Bill is a pet lizard. John Aster likes em young and it’s been proven time and time again.

John Aster is attacking all of us, attacking us with his pals:

Robin Sherman

Mark Mumma

Lorelei Buchanan

Corey Sem

Francesca Banfield

Shane Coyle

Tony Blas

Elizabeth Mason

Steven Ball

Robert Slaven.

For a full list of pro pedo, peso and fraud scum see our “DARK LIST”.

Below pic shows Rudy Orr and a criminal nazi.

Below is a pic of Rudy Orr mom. The apple don’t fall far from the tree.

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