Markie’s Proof Of Obsession For John Anderson Continues.

Scammer Mark W Mumma is again making videos proving his deep obsession for John Anderson.

John Anderson exposed Mark Mumma for his scam as and AmericasTakenchildren as being in close relationship to convicted pedophile John Aster.  Mark Mumma is daily attacking all of us members, faking profiles, making fake websites all with his pal John Aster in an attempt to hush anyone who exposes them.

Watch this video Mark Mumma posted to Facebook, have a look at the screens. This idiot thinks because he has a few screens he is a somebody. Yet his screens prove he is obsessed in such a way one would think its sexual in nature.

Fact Check Mark Mummas Above Pic: Nope, your pedo pal Aster thinks X means 4 Mark. After all Aster says AXJ aka Actions 4 Justice.

Fact Check Above Pic: Mark Mumma & Geraldine Phifer of Americas Taken Children scam organization attempt to spread lies about Anderson who is exposing the scam and pedophiles within.

Mark, Geraldine, John Aster, Robin Sherman, Lorie Buchanan, Francesca Banfield, Shane Coyle, Tony Blas, all send messages to contacts and followers of John Anderson by criminally stalking all of John Anderson’s Pages, Profiles, Contacts and even John Andersons family.

Fact Check Mark Mummas Above Pic:

Nope, John Anderson’s house is the house next door idiot. This shows how far stalker and pervert Mark Mumma will go to criminally stalk, defame and slander someone. Just wait until you hear all the recorded calls of Mark Mumma, one where Mark threatens to have Anderson’s daughter raped by 2 claimed black men.

Take the time to really investigate Mark W Mumma aka and anyone will find public knowledge of the many lawsuits Mark has been getting due to his online and criminal stalking behavior.

Mark owes so much money in legal action that he is a permanent broke ass. Using to try and keep his head above water. We also did some real digging and found mark likes gay porn. Dont really know if his wife Rita Anderson knows about it and don’t really care. Fact is he like specific porn where a white Male is sucking off a black Male. In comments in a lot of places you see Mark speak of dick sucking etc. Do the math.


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One thought on “Markie’s Proof Of Obsession For John Anderson Continues.

  1. Did the poofter forget about the documentary being made about him? He should seriously lay off the weed (and sucking dick).

    The movie being made about Johnny “AIDS patient” Anderson is not a secret.

    Anderson is going to get the public butt fucking of a lifetime. I am going to kill Anderson.

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