The Case Against Pedophile John Aster & His Evil Pro Pedo Minions

This narrative is real and so are the details mentioned.

John Aster is connected to Francesca Banfield, Tony Blas, Shane Coyle, Cory Sem, Robin Sherman, Mark W Mumma, Corrine Mitchell as well as many other names.

Be careful as they all work with John Aster knowing his conviction and recorded confession of child porn. Over 15,000 images of both live and deceased naked children.

Update: the above names mentioned have filed false police reports against both BUACA founders, Pete Geary Australia & John Anderson Canada. In a blunt attempt to kidnap John Anderson’s daughter, taunt Pete Geary using his son Charlie and so much more.

More about this will be compiled once we get more information from both Pete Geary & John Anderson.

One thing is for certain, BUACA members never back down from pro pedo & pedophile scum. No matter what false police reports are filed.

Get ready, things are about to get real.

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