John Anderson VS Pedo & Pro Pedo Advocates

This is the live where the RCMP charged John Anderson of Stolen Productions for uttering threats.  What makes this video non threatening is the very blunt fact John Anderson clearly says he is, “Not serious about the threats”. Also bluntly explaining the attacks, defamation and more from those who are proven to be aiding convicted pedophile John Aster, who has been exposed by both John Anderson & Pete Geary of BUACA/Stolen Productions.

Thousands of people witnessed the crimes taking place, hate smearing, false police reports, fake profiles, staging accounts etc.

The real criminals attempted to use the system to have Anderson’s child removed and Anderson off the internet so that he would have no choice but to remain silent about the truths he has been exposing for the past 10 long years.

Child protection came to interview the family after false reports were made to Cfs also, child protective services agreed that they were used as a tool to harm John Anderson and his family.  No child services file was ever created and a letter will be requested from child protection agency for court proceedings on John Anderson’s behalf.

Pedophile John Aster and his close contacts involved in setting up John Anderson are as follows.

Robin Sherman (Winnipeg REMAX Realty Agent)

Cory Sem

Mark W Mumma (Website Creator)

Geraldine Phifer (Americas Taken Children)

Francesca Banfield (Punished 4 Protecting)

Tony Blas & Shane Coyle (The Ultimate Decoy)

Lorelei Buchanan (Winnipeg Resident, Close Friend With Robin Sherman)

Other articles and recordings are available via this website & other sites that provide more proof that what John Anderson has been exposing is 100% truth.


Thanks to John Anderson the world will truly know the real dangers of being online, the dangers that include the large amount of pedophiles and frauds who work hand in hand together. For fame, attention, views or likes, social networks are a breeding ground for pedophiles and frauds to unite globally. However, John Anderson is one to never back down from exposing evil. NEVER!!!!



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One thought on “John Anderson VS Pedo & Pro Pedo Advocates

  1. Yup thats what I said to a former P4P WV Group member – that Francesca Amato-PedoFeel was using P4P: Punished 4 Protecting – as a front for criminal Activity – pretty good guess –

    I had no idea what Francesca or these other scumbags where doing – absolutely did not know about John Aster or these other Pedo’s she was supporting – sick at my damn stomach that I was part of P4P
    Francesca wanted me to attack John Anderson calling him a Pedophile and other shit – I wasnt about to –

    Dont worry John we get these punk bastards

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