Pedophile John Aster & His Friends Criminally Harassing John Anderson

Below is a video made by a very sick pro pedophile woman who resides in NZ. Rachel Rolston is already known globally as a con woman, yet is now proven to fully support convicted pedophile John Aster & is seen helping John Aster by attacking Stolen Productions founder John Anderson who exposed the both of them and many more.

Rachel made this video for her pedophile friend John Aster. Making bogus allegations. This is just one video of many the pedophiles, pro pedophiles and frauds have all created in an attempt to shut Stolen Productions up from exposing them all. It actually fuels us to do more, police in Fairview Alberta confirmed this woman is a crazy nut who did indeed make up false allegations within this video, all for a convicted pedophile named John Aster who plead guilty to over 15000 images of child porn.


This pic below is of Rachel peodphile friend John Aster sharing her bogus allegation video. Bluntly to the Canadian RCMP pages via Facebook.

John Aster gets people mentally challenged like Rachel Rolston, to make up lies together in hopes those who read his and her bullshit will believe it. Yet this is just another of pedophile John Asters epic failures.

Below is a picture of another friend of Pedophile John Aster. This woman is a Canadian resident who works for Remax Realty.  She was against John Asters friends until Anderson caught wind of her involvement with an Alberta pedophile named Jim Hogan. Robin knew of his convictions and refused to inform Stolen productions founder, resulting in Anderson removing her once she got Jim Hogan to go to Anderson’s house with another male. Since she was kicked away from Anderson she has joined up with those Anderson has been exposing for the past 9 years. Frauds and even more pedophiles.

We plan on getting updates and more details when we are able to reach Stolens John Anderson who proudly exposed all of these evil and corrupt pedophile and pro pedo rock spiders not forgetting also exposing fake advocates that are proven working with pedophiles.

I for one will be testifying with close to another hundred others, testifying on behalf of John Anderson who I am proud to say did a great job exposing all the names he has these past years.


Below is a pic of John Aster (Convicted pedophile) with his so called friend who is definitely barely of age if she even is. Topless and young is how John Aster gets his rocks off.

John Aster likes them as young as 5 years of age. His favorite TV commercials are that of diaper advertisements. Be careful this man is very dangerous and a high risk to children and families. If in contact please check in with Brisbane Australia police to confirm this information.

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