STOLEN.NEWS Created by Exposed Angry Pedophile & His Friend Mark W Mumma

Did you know. is made by a pedophile Stolen Productions exposed in 2009 named #John_Aster and his close friend #Mark_Mumma.
Do research and hear John Aster himself admitting to over 15000 images of child porn.

Now they made the website to try and attack anyone who speaks out against them and the many scams they have started. Scams surrounding website creations, fake advocacy scams and more.

We will NOT stop exposing the pedophile John Aster of anyone who helps the pedophile in any way shape or form.
Rest assured if your found aiding pedophile John Aster or his pal Mark Mumma aka Webguy. You will be named and shamed alongside the very pedophile and scammers your promoting.


July 22nd 2019 Stony Plain Alberta court.

John Anderson will present evidence and proof of John Aster being a convicted pedophile.

John Anderson will provide a long list of evidence, recordings from calls, groups, secret groups, screen shots, that prove a list of names who willingly helped convicted pedophile John Aster.


Mark W Mumma aka

Tony aka Steven Blas from NY

Francesca Amatto aka Banfield

Robin Sherman, Winnipeg Canada, Remax Realtor.


Those names will be exposed in a court of law by over 300 prepared witnesses and thousands upon thousands of recordings and screenshots.

Show starts at 9:00 am in courtroom #1




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